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2023 SCA

Breeder of the Year




The Saskatchewan Charolais Association is proud to include these outstanding people as Breeder of the Year. These breeders have made a significant contribution to the Charolais industry in Saskatchewan and we appreciate their efforts.


SCA members have the opportunity to nominate a fellow breeder for the Breeder of the Year Award. Nominations can be directed to any of our Breeder of the Year Committee members before October 1st, 2018. Those nominations will be voted on by the Board of Directors at our October board meeting. If there are no nominations brought forward from the membership, then the Board of Directors will nominate and vote on the recipient. Award will be presented at CWA in November.


The Breeder of the year committee members names and contact info as follows:

Phone: 306-276-7298

Phone: 306-741-6935

2022 Serhienko Cattle Co.
2021 Howe Coulee Charolais
2020 Beck Farms
2019 Palmer Charolais
2018 Creek’s Edge Charolais
2017 Sliding Hills Charolais
2016 Cedarlea Farms
2015 McTavish Charolais
2014 Diamond W Charolais
2013 Rosso Charolais
2012 McAvoy Charolais
2011 Horseshoe E Charolais
2010 Wilgenbusch Charolais
2009 Elder Charolais
2008 Crystal D Charolais
2007 Elder Charolais
2006 Wilgenbusch Charolais
2005 Perrot-Martin Charolais
2004 CAD Charolais
2003 Silverstone Charolais
2002 Harder Farms
2001 Dennis & Lisa Serhienko
2000 CSS Charolais
1999 Valley’s End Charolais
1998 Bo-Jan Charolais
1997 Bar EW Charolais
1996 Horseshoe E Charolais
1995 Harder Farms
1994 Carlson Charolais
1993 Voegli Bros. Charolais
1992 Horseshoe E Charolais
1991 LCS Charolais
1990 Chardel Charolais
1989 A. Sparrow Farms Ltd.
1988 Chardel Charolais
1987 Pooledale Charolais
1986 Ledingham Charolais
1985 Linden Valley Charolais
1984 Sutton’s Polled Charolais
1983 Palmer Charolais
1982 Green Acres Charolais
1981 The Howe Family
1980 A. Sparrow Farms Ltd.
1979 Lyle & Mary Gard of L.G.R.
1978 Darneth Charolais Farm